Nick Clegg’s immigration speech ‘hypocritical and naive’

SteveWoolfeUKIP’s Migration Spokesman, Steven Woolfe has blasted the Deputy Prime Minister on being part of the problem, not the solution

“Nick Clegg bragging about removing net immigration targets from the Coalition Agreement is laughable. What is he trying to achieve? You can tell his bungling press office has realised a general election is coming so they must talk about immigration. He’s right that the Government cannot deliver on the promise to cut net immigration while signed up to EU open border policy. But he’s hardly posing a solution. His attack is hypocritical and naive. Don’t complain when you are part of the problem yourself. Continue reading


Electoral Commission fail to act in Tower Hamlets election shambles

Due to efforts of four local residents there will now be a High Court trial into the elections amid claims of bribery, intimidation and fraud.

In 2012 the Electoral Commission received complaints of fraudulent voting in Tower Hamlets. They released a list of recommendations in March 2013 to uphold the “integrity of elections in Tower Hamlets.” In April 2014 they claimed, “We have been pleased that the Returning Officer and the Metropolitan Police have worked hard to put in place plans to deter and detect electoral fraud, which will help to ensure that the elections in the borough are run in a fair and transparent way in accordance with electoral law.” Then in July 2014 they announced “action needed to restore confidence in Tower Hamlets.”
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UKIP growth a direct threat to Labour

Leading research has shown that UKIP can win seats fromBillEtheridge Labour and could cost them the general election next year. Dr Matthew Goodwin, a renowned academic at the University of Nottingham, has today shown that UKIP is drawing support from Labour across the country. UKIP showed strong performances in European and local election results in seats like Rotherham, Great Grimsby and Dudley North. Continue reading


UKIP appoints Suzanne Evans as Deputy Chairman

suzanneevans1Suzanne Evans has today been appointed as Deputy Chairman of UKIP, with broad-reaching responsibility including contributing to policy development and overseeing campaign direction. She has become a well-known UKIP figure in recent months with many successful TV and radio appearances and the NEC voted unanimously to grant her the title in today’s meeting. She was previously the party’s Communities Spokesman. Continue reading