LIbLabCon Legacies

Conservatives (a.k.a.Tories) (2010 – 2015) – 5 years of austerity

Promised to clear deficit by 2015. Failed – instead doubled National Debt to £1,300B, despite painful austerity measures.

2012 Budget (the Omnishambles Budget) brings in the Pasty Tax, (Static) Caravan Tax, and Granny (Pensioners) Tax – All withdrawn within a short time.

Gay marriage – who voted for that? (Not in 2010 Manifesto and no referendum). Clearly more important than tabling an EU Referendum Bill.

2012 Bedroom Tax (Housing Benefit Restrictions) introduced by Labour in 2007 to apply to private Landlords is extended to council tenants.


Labour (1997- 2010) – 13 years of mis-rule

Privatised NHS, YES! using the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) to enable private companies to make huge profits  (> 200%). (Taxpayer landed with £300B debt to save £50B building cost on hospitals & schools). NHS Finances now in jeopardy as a result of this.

Now coming to light in 2014, Rotherham, Labour party closed its eyes to massive child abuse and grooming by Asians for fear of being labelled Racist.

2009 Brown signed Lisbon Treaty, a.k.a. EU constitution, refusing referendum, although knowingly giving EU sovereignty over UK parliament.

2007 Gordon Brown, Mr Prudence, sells Gold Reserves at Market Low for £2B (now being bought back for £12B)

2005 Tony Blair gave away 20% of Thatcher’s rebate for empty French promises to improve CAP. CAP hasn’t changed.

From 2004, Labour encouraged immigrants (unlike Germany & France) from the 8 Eastern European EU joiners and gave them rights to benefits presumably in the belief that they would become Labour voters. 

2003 Invaded IRAQ using dodgy dossier to mislead parliament (no Weapons of Mass Destruction found). Legacy1: 7/7/05 London Tube bombings. Legacy2: Syria, Iraq, Middle East, ISIS now engaged in Jihad, civil war and genocide. Legacy3: kidnappings, beheadings, radicalization and several million displaced persons

1999 Tony Blair introduced Scottish & Welsh devolution – look what this has led to.

BTW just to finish, here are some Labour Party (the Party of the Working Man ?) Millionaires – Miliband, Balls, Harman, Hodge, Meacher, Blair, Kinnock, Benn, Burnam


Liberal (Coalition partner 2010-2015) – 5 years of power

What do they stand for ?  Nobody knows.

Joined the Coalition for a taste of Power.

At 2010 election, pledged to vote against rises in university fees, but once in goverment raised fees to £9000 p.a.

Consider themselves “Greens” – against airport expansion anywhere but for wind farms everywhere.

Annihilated by Farage in EU debates

Reduced to just 1 MEP in EU elections (from 11)



Some examples of Recent Serious Scandals

Conservatives (Tory)

2015 Malcom Rikind, MP for Kensington – exposed for asking for cash for access – forces decision not to stand down in this May’s  election. Does a consolation prize of a House of Lords seat await?

2014 Maria Miller, MP Basingstoke – fraudulent mortgage expenses claims – resigned.

2014 Brooks Newmark, MP Braintree – quits as minister (and as MP in May) after sending explicit pictures on twitter.

2013 Patrick Mercer, MP Newark – resigned for taking cash for questions and using racist language.



2015 Jack Straw, MP for Blackburn –  exposed for asking for cash for access (only  £8,000 per day !)

2012 Baroness Udin, Labour Peer – claimed £180K expenses for flat she didn’t live in – and has still not repaid it !

2011 David Chaytor, MP Bury North – jailed for 18 months for false expense claims (bogus invoices).

2011 Elliot Morley, MP Scunthorpe – jailed for 16 months for mortgage claims fraud.



2014 Lord Rennard, Liberal Peer refuses to apologise for “inappropriate” behavior  to women colleagues.

2014 Cyril Smith, deceased MP Rochdale – Years of child abuse exposed in wake of Jimmy Saville scandal.

2013 Chris Huhne, MP Eastleigh – jailed for speeding points fraud.


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