Big Business & the EU

Why is big business keen to stay in the EU?

  1. They can make use of cheap immigrant labour for their UK based production. This in turn keeps down wages for UK workers.
  2. The effort involved in meeting extensive EU Rules & Regulations makes it more difficult for smaller businesses to compete with big business.
  3. They can easily shift production abroad to EU locations with cheaper labour eg: Hungary, Bulgaria
  4. They can use EU “tax havens” eg: Netherlands to avoid/reduce corporation tax.
  5. Uniformity of regulations makes it easy to produce standard products to be sold in all EU countries.

Why are LibLabCon so keen to stay in the EU?

Self Interest. Big business, which benefits greatly from the EU, funds the 3 main political parties and consequently has great influence. Politicians are often on the Board of these big businesses, and as recipients of large fees will naturally act with Big Businesses’ interests in mind. Furthermore because MPs, when they leave office, often end up on multiple Big Businesses’ Boards, they are keen to keep them sweet when they are in office. There may also be an element of being unwilling to admit that they have got it wrong for so many years. Plus in their comfortable parliamentary bubble, they are insulated from the impact the EU has on the ordinary citizens of the UK

Why does UKIP want to leave the EU?

UKIP sees the impact of immigration pressure on the majority of UK families in respect of jobs, wages, homes, roads, schools, hospitals, benefit and welfare services. EU policies such as Green energy taxes and higher food prices because of CAP increase the cost of living for all families. We are unable to operate our own laws without interference from Brussels. We are losing our identity and culture as we become one huge EU melting pot. Our national debt is increasing daily, yet we pay £55M a day to the EU for these “benefits” !

Why does the UK appear to be the only country which is unhappy with the EU?

France benefits greatly from the CAP (Common Agriculture Policy) and together with Germany enjoys running the EU empire. Germany is the EU manufacturing power-house and benefits from being able to sell to a huge EU population. Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark have traditionally had close trading, financial and social links with Germany.

The Eastern European members: Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania are relatively poor countries but benefit greatly as net recipients of EU funding.

The Mediterranean members: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus were net recipients of EU funds before the Eastern European members joined the EU. However now the handouts have stopped, their economies are currently in turmoil.


One thought on “Big Business & the EU

  1. I totally agree with your argument,i will be voting to leave.The leave campaigns,however, should publicly work in harmony. Do not give the opposition any ammunition to attack you in the media,because it may have an effect on the outcome.

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