What is wrong with the EU

We can’t control our borders – any EU citizen can come even if they have no job or place to stay. Plus they are entitled to (un)employment, tax credits, child benefits and free health care. 130,000 came in the year, to March 2014. Plus 162,000 came from somewhere else. Plus it is estimated that there over 1M illegal immigrants residing in the UK.

Immigration creates pressure on Jobs, Wages, Housing, Roads, Schools, Health and Welfare Services.

EU law trumps UK law. 75% of our recent laws originate from the EU. Brussels tells us what we can and can’t do, producing 70,000 pages of new laws and regulations every year.

The un-elected EU Commission makes the laws. The EU parliament is merely a rubber–stamping authority – nothing like our UK parliament ! It is not allowed to debate laws only to pass or reject them. If it rejects them, the EU commission adjusts and re-submits them until they are passed.

We can’t deport foreign criminals, murderers or rapists because they claim it is against their human rights. Despite what the Tories say, we can’t just repeal the Human Rights Act because it is part of the Lisbon treaty and the Lisbon Treaty trumps UK law.

On the other hand, because of the operation of the European Arrest Warrant, UK citizens can be deported without a shred of evidence of wrong-doing being presented.

Our fish stocks and fishing fleet has been decimated by over-fishing from Spain, Holland and other EU members.

We continue to pay a fortune to French farmers and rich UK landed gentry via the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

The working time directive means that our doctors and nurses can’t work the hours they were once happy to work giving rise to a shortage in both and an NHS crisis.

Our energy bills are 20% higher by obeying EU “Green” policies.

Equal Rights directives enforced too far: means that women no longer pay less than men for car insurance despite being safer drivers and men’s pension annuities are reduced to women’s level despite having lower life expectations.

The EU accounts haven’t been signed off for 20 years. Every year Millions are lost in Fraud (eg: abuse of unaudited projects, allowances & expenses) and Waste (eg: the monthly move from Brussels to Strasbourg to satisfy French vanity wastes €20M per trip). 2013 Budget €150B = €300 per person of which EU spends €130B on Regional Aid + CAP.

It costs us £55M p.d. (£2b p.a.) for the the “benefits” above. Plus the EU now says it wants an extra €2B because we have been more prosperous –  where is the evidence of that?

 Are we barking mad? Or just led by politicians who should be in the asylum?

 And don’t fall for this claim: The EU has ensured there was no 3rd World War. No, it is NATO that has ensured this. The Cold War enemy was and is Russia who are not in EU. In fact the EU’s pressure for Ukraine to join the EU is why Russia is destabilizing Europe now.


One thought on “What is wrong with the EU

  1. All perfectly correct, but needs even more detail make people understand what is happening. Explain why many politicians are entranced by EU- the lure of even more grandiose positions for themselves without any democratic accountability. The Commissioners are appointed aka jobs for the boys/girls. Where else would a buffoon like Neil Kinnock (and his wife) attain such standing and power and, of course, wealth. Give examples of the financial abuse, un-audited mega projects.

    As for peace in Europe, exactly who was going to fight whom in post 1945 Europe? The eastern block had been swallowed up into the Soviet sphere via Warsaw Pact; Germany was partitioned- the East was a Soviet puppet and the west was occupied by UK/US and French troops. As you say, the potential enemy was, and remains, Russia. Peace was kept by NATO in general and the deployment of American tactical nuclear weapons in particular. It certainly wasn’t the European Coal and Steel Community, EEC or EU.

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