Electorate Misled

Do you remember receiving this leaflet?

So are you surprised the lights are still switched off?

If you voted Conservative on the 4th May, do you feel conned ?

Well, the Conservatives have a track record for Broken Promises

For example:

Promise: Cut Net Immigration to less than 100,000 per year
Reality: Net Immigration continued around 300,000 per year
Promise: Balance the books by 2017 and then run a budget surplus.
Reality: The deficit is still £50 billion a year and will not even be down to zero by 2020.
Promise: Scrap the Human Rights Act and introduce a British Bill of Rights.
Reality: Promise abandoned.
Promise: Deliver a strong NHS.
Reality: A&E is in meltdown and doctors were forced to strike. NHS has a staffing crisis while pay rises for key workers are pegged below inflation. Waiting times have soared.
Promise: Clamp down on dangerous extremists with new Counter Extremism Bill.
Reality: Bill quietly dropped as unable to agree a definition of “extremism” (true!).
Promise: Protect schools funding.
Reality: Funding is being cut by 6.5% with many inner city schools facing even bigger losses.
Promise: Introduce a new Victims’ Law to enshrine key rights for victims of crime.
Reality:   Still waiting..
Promise: Recover £500 million a year from migrants who use the NHS
Reality: Not even a half of that recovered.
In addition, since 2010, the Conservatives have reduced police numbers by 20,000, cut hospital beds by 15,000 and cut our armed forces by 30,000.
Now do you really trust Teresa May and the Conservatives to deliver BREXIT?
A powerful “coalition” of the LibDems, Labour, the SNP, Plaid Cymru, the Greens, Big Business, the EU, the House of Lords, the Press Barons and Tory Remainers all want to dump Brexit.
There is tremendous pressure on Teresa May to fudge Brexit. Remember the Tories, including Teresa May, campaigned to Remain. Cameron and Osborne promised ruin and destitution if we voted to Leave.
Tellingly, Teresa May has NOT said that Brexit is in the UK’s BEST interest. Unwilling to say that, she says “she is carrying out the will of the people”.
Can you trust the Party that claimed to put the lights on in Spelthorne, but didn’t, to ensure that Brexit means Exit ? Will they say anything, spend anything to win an election? Is it a case of Power is more important than Service, Party more important than People?
In Spelthorne, if you voted UKIP in 2015, vote UKIP again on Thursday 8th June and continue to ensure that UKIP remains the party that all the other parties fear. Vote for Brexit, Honesty and Ordinary folk.

One thought on “Electorate Misled

  1. i am not happy with the street lights being switched off at midnight , i pay for street lighting through my council tax
    also with torie our council tax is way too high and needs to be capped , i am a pensioner and paying £40 a week out of my state pension which is £160 a month , i am voting ukip in june as we do need change in spelthorne
    also i want my banding changed to a lower bracket as there are many bungalows with huge conservatories in band D and i bought my property with a small extension and i am in band E this is not right

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