The Leader of Spelthorne Borough Council, Councillor Ian Harvey, has instructed UKIP Spelthorne
to post an apology and retraction on its website in respect of a leaflet distributed by our candidate,
Christopher Beresford, in which he made the following factually inaccurate statement: “The Tories
amended a motion asking for two engines manned by two crew full time 24/7 to only one full time
crew.” Mr Beresford accepts that the amended motion was silent as to the number of crews, so
that it was not correct to assert that the Conservatives had called for only one full time crew. He
unreservedly apologises for this error, which was the result of an honest misinterpretation of the
amended motion.

For the record, the amended motion, showing the text that was deleted from the original motion, is set out below:
“That Spelthorne Borough Council request that the new Fire Station proposed by Surrey County
Council to be built at Fordbridge Roundabout, has two pumps/appliances/fire engines, each fully
manned by trained Fire Fighters whole time (full time at all times, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week).
do otherwise would seriously endanger and disadvantage the lives and property of the residents of
Spelthorne, which is an area of high demand for both Fire and Rescue Services and one of
elevated risks due to many factors.”

Mr Beresford accepts that the deletion of the request for both engines to be fully manned at all
times does not mean that those who voted for the amendment were calling for one full time crew
and leaves entirely silent the wishes as to crewing of those who voted in favour of the amended

Since the motion was passed, Surrey County Council has confirmed there will not be 2 full-time
crews. We share the disappointment Councillor Harvey has expressed about this, as UKIP is very
concerned about the reduction in fire services in Spelthorne, which are the result of Tory spending
cuts. We note that Mr Harvey issued a statement on the Spelthorne Borough Council expressing
disappointment at the decision and calling for it to be reconsidered. However, we were surprised
and disappointed that he did not support a motion explicitly calling for two full-time crews before
the decision was taken, as this may have given Surrey County Council the impression that there
was not strong opposition on Spelthorne BC to both engines being fully staffed at all times.

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