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It’s time to bring power back to local people

image_galleryUKIP’s local government spokesman Peter Reeve writing for the Local Government sets out our party’s local priorities:

“Services are stretched due to the government’s irresponsible commitment to an EU open door immigration policy; UKIP will change this and put local people first. We want to keep the NHS free and oppose Labour and Conservative attempts to privatise it. UKIP will also prevent developers from concreting over the countryside, protect our pensioners, look after our veterans and help our young people seeking work while opposing parking charges and road tolls.”

In his article Cllr Reeve also makes clear that: “One of the key principles of being a UKIP councillor is that they are there to represent the people, not our political party, which is why we operate a no-whip policy in local government. A UKIP councillor is like an independent councillor, but with big party backing.”

Read the full article here.


Dirty Tricks

CharltonThe proposed incinerator in Charlton Village is a disaster waiting to happen. It could cause enormous harm to Spelthorne residents. The proposed design is experimental. It has not been built before. It is called a “Gasifier”.

An earlier prototype in Scotland burnt down in 2013. After emitting cancer causing toxins on several occasions. To underplay the dangers, Surrey County Council (SCC) call the project the “Eco Park”. In truth, it will be a huge waste dump, with a giant composter to produce gas. The gas is then burnt to produce electricity. Gas is explosive. Gas can kill. And what about emissions and pollution from its proposed 150 foot chimney? These can be just as harmful. Continue reading


Surrey Officially UK Pothole capital

potholeA survey by Kia Motors has revealed that Surrey has 19,982 potholes, making its roads the worst in Britain – £200million is needed to get them up to standard. Surrey’s Conservatives, who have presided over decades of neglect of our local roads, expect it to take 15 years to fix our roads. It will probably take much longer. Tory mismanagement has also caused a huge bill to compensate cyclists and motorists involved in pothole accidents. Continue reading


UKIP Says: Save Our Fire Stations!

Spelthorne UKIP opposes the closure of Spelthorne’s two existing Fire Stations and loss of a Fire Engine.Over the past year UKIP County Councillor Daniel Jenkins and the Spelthorne UKIP group have campaigned in support of the Fire Brigade Union and Save Our Services Surrey against the Conservatives proposed closure of the two existing Fire Stations and build of a new fire station with just one Fire Engine.
Back in 2013 local Firemen contacted Councillor Jenkins to explain the issue in detail, and get support for their campaign to save the Fire Stations. A consultation process showed huge local opposition to the cutting of Spelthorne’s Fire and Rescue Service. Continue reading